1008) Whether I know everyone is being punished in different degrees in this world! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

Morning Walk-April 24, 1976, Melbourne-760424MW-MELBOURNE [27:25 Minutes]

1008) Whether I know everyone is being punished in different degrees in this world! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

——– Prabhupäda: Äruhya krcchrena param padam tatah patanty adho ‘nädrta-yusmad-anghrayah [SB 10.2.32].

Pusta Krsna: Practically, Srila Prabhupäda, we see that we’re dealing mostly with karmis, not with jnänis, in our preaching work.

Prabhupäda: Yes.

Pusta Krsna: And they are simply interested in some immediate satisfaction.

Prabhupäda: Karmis not. Vikarmi. Karmi, vikarmi, akarmi. We are dealing with vikarmi.

Pusta Krsna: Vikarma, oh. Prohibited actions.

Prabhupäda: Yes. Karmis will not do anything sinful.

Gurukrpä: Nünam pramattah kurute vikarma [SB 5.5.4].

Prabhupäda: Vikarma, yes.

Devotee (2): So why do we call them karmis?

Prabhupäda: Vikarmis, opposite karmi.

Devotee (2): So there’s practically no karmis.

Prabhupäda: Hmm?

Pusta Krsna: Sinful.

Prabhupäda: Sinful activities, duskrtinah. Vikarma. Therefore they will be punished in different forms of life. Therefore we find so many species of…, forms of life. This is punishment. But mäyä’s curtain, they are thinking, “We are happy.” Just like this tree is a punishment, but it has no sense that this is punishment.

Gurukrpä: Thinks he’s happy.

Prabhupäda: Standing happily for five thousand years.

Gurukrpä: Drinking only water.

Prabhupäda: If you are asked to stand here for five hours, you’ll feel most uncomfortable. But they are standing for five thousand years, no uncomfortable. This is punishment. Punishment is there, but unaware. So everyone is like that. Anyone in the material world, they are being punished in different degrees, but unaware. That is mäyä’s grace, that although he is punished, he cannot understand. ——————–

Hari Bol.

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