885) Whether I know the effect of learning siddhanta-viruddha! Taught by SrilaPrabhupada!

Room Conversation-The Spirit of Preaching is to Make Perfect Disciples-May 2, 1976, Fiji

885) Whether I know the effect of learning siddhanta-viruddha! Taught by SrilaPrabhupada!

Guru-krpä: You know, SrilaPrabhupäda, they say that if anyone has power to induce anybody to chant Hare Krsna, therefore they must have some special power. Therefore that’s their qualification.

Prabhupäda: That special power, that is said in the sästras. But people do not want that.

Guru-krpä: Just like, for example, in Bengal before, there was that Charan das Babaji. He induced them to chant the wrong mantra, but where is…. He’s not specifically paramparä.

Prabhupäda: No. He chanted for some time and, of course, there was chanting of “Nitäi-Gaura.” He introduced new system of chanting: nitäi-gaurarädhe-syäma. So the Nitäi-Gaura chanting will have some effect, Kali-yuga. Although he was presenting pervertedly, the beginning was Nitäi-Gaura, so it would have some effect. He did not know actually Nitäi-Gaura. From his words it appears. He used to preach that Nitäi is Rädhäräni, and Gaura is Krsna. That is siddhänta-viruddha. But some way or other, he was chanting Nitäi-Gaura. So some effect were there. Just like sandalwood. You do not know which way better pulp comes out, but if you rub any way, some pulp will come because it is sandalwood. So he had some effect of chanting Nitäi-Gaura, but later on they deteriorated because they did not know actually, neither they were taught. Siddhänta-viruddha.The siddhänta-viruddha means it will deteriorate. It will not endure. —————————-

Hari Bol.

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