884) Whether I know how a bona fide guru is to be! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

Room Conversation-The Spirit of Preaching is to Make Perfect Disciples-May 2, 1976, Fiji

884) Whether I know how a bona fide guru is to be! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

Prabhupäda: That is the difficulty. Everyone sees that “Some way or other, I become guru. Then so many persons will offer me respect. Somehow or other, create some situation. Then I become guru.” This is going on. Not bona fide guru. Bona fide guru is indicated by Caitanya, ämära äjnäya guru hanä: “Become guru.” Why ambition? Actually become guru. But how to become guru? Yäre dekha, täre kaha ‘krsna-upadesa’ [Cc. Madhya 7.128]. That’s it, otherwise goru. So they will not take this simple method. They will drink, they will hunt after woman and have some attractive singing or dancing and become guru. What is meaning of guru, they do not know. Somehow or other become popular and become guru. This is going on. So with mäyä you can attract these foolish rascals very easily. If you can manufacture…. You cannot, but if you can show some jugglery, then you become guru. People are after all these things, material things. They are not after Krsna. They are after money and women. So if you give some mantra, then gold will be manufactured, and all women will be attracted, very first class. ——————–

Hari Bol.

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