714) Whether I know people have no botheration for family! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

SB- 6.2.4—Behave Ideally Or Don’t Preach– Vrndävana, September 8, 1975

714) Whether I know people have no botheration for family! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

——————– Therefore people are deteriorating. Dämpatye ratim eva hi. These will be the signs of Kali-yuga. Dämpata means husband and wife. Their relation will stand so long they satisfy one another by sex, rati. Rati means sex. Dämpate ratim eva hi. And as soon as there is sex disturbance: divorce—”I don’t want you.” Vipratve sütram eva hi: “A brähmana means one, two paisa thread.” That’s all. “A sannyäsi means a rod.” These are the explanations. And a very expert man means kutumba, däksyam kutumba-bharanam. If anyone can maintain a family—family means one wife and one or two children—then he is to be considered very expert, successful because… Therefore you will find in these days—no wife, no children, no family. In Western countries they take dog as the best friend, and television. That’s all. Because this is Kali-yuga, no family. But he must have some companion, but he doesn’t want family, the botheration of family. Then dog is the best friend. What can be done? This is going on, and it will increase more and more, more and more. ———————————————-

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