627) Whether I know becoming a family man is not bad! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

SB-2.1.1-4—Self realized & Body realized—Boston-22, Decm.,-1969

627) Whether I know becoming a family man is not bad! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

———————– So the subject matter for hearing for the ordinary person, those who are engaged in family matters, grhesu grha-medhinam… So does it mean to become a family man is bad? No. It does not mean. But if you become grhamedhi, that is particularly said, grhesu grhamedhi. Grhesu, living in family life, but in family life there are also two classes of men: grhastha and these grhamedhi. Therefore I say that each and every word of Srimad-Bhagavatam, you will have new enlightening, new. Difference, there is difference between grhastha and grhamedhi. Grhamedhi, just like ordinary persons, their household life means they have made the home as the center of their existence. Just like I was seeing just now the rooms of our grhastha, householder, boys and girls. Things are scattered. (laughter) But if you go to another person’s, grhastha (grhamedhi), you will find their apartment nicely decorated, chairs, cushions, and sitting place, but they have no vision about self. And here, although we see that household affairs, their resting place, is not so nicely decorated, but their aim is Krsna. So that is the difference between grhamedhi and grhastha. Grhamedhi means they simply want to decorate their apartment and children and wife. That is their end of life. That is all. They have no other business. Apasyatam, blind of the value of life. ———————————————-

Hari Bol

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