520) Whether I know what is eagerness! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

SB-1.2.13— Use Everything For The Satisfaction Of Krishna–Los Angeles, August 16, 1972

520) Whether I know what is eagerness! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

——————– So Närada came to him, “My dear boy, you are child, why you are affected by the insult? What is insult to you? You are a child, you play.” Actually, if you insult a child, they do not take it, actually. A small boy if you insult, what does he care for it? Insult or honor, a child has no knowledge of it. “So why you are so much affected? You are king’s son, so much delicate body. It is very difficult to search out God here in this forest. It requires great austerity. Better go home now, and when you are mature, old age, you can come.”

“Sir, I am sorry. I am born of a ksatriya father, so I cannot accept your instruction. This is very good instruction, but I am born in such a family. I am sorry, I cannot take your instruction,” he frankly said. “If you can give me anything, any clue how I can find God, please tell me. Otherwise, please excuse me. Don’t tell me, don’t give me instructions. This is eagerness, a five-year-old boy, “I must see God. If you can give me some clue how I find out God then talk. Otherwise excuse.” This is seriousness. Then this mantra was given to Dhruva Mahäräja: om namo bhagavate väsudeväya. So he, by that eagerness, within six months he saw Krsna. —————————–

Hari Bol

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