519) Whether I know how to get a spiritual master!Taught By Srila Prabhupada!

SB-1.2.13— Use Everything For The Satisfaction Of Krishna–Los Angeles, August 16, 1972

519) Whether I know how to get a spiritual master!Taught By Srila Prabhupada!

————- Dhruva Mahäräja was a young boy, he was insulted by his stepmother. Son of a ksatriya, they were very proud family, even a five-year-old boy could not tolerate the insult. A ksatriya cannot tolerate insult, immediately sword. Not that nonviolence. Nonviolence is not for ksatriya. Therefore it is said, varnäsrama-vibhägasah—you cannot stop violence. There must be violence, but ksatriyas, they know how to use violence. That is different thing. So he was insulted and he went to his mother, “Stepmother has insulted me like this,” he began to cry in front of his mother. She said,” How can I help you, my dear boy? Your father does not care for me, even like the maidservants.” So he was determined to retaliate. So his mother advised, that “If you can meet Krishna, or God, He can help you.” “Where is God?” “Yes, I have heard that people go to the forest to search out God.This is eagerness. And Närada Muni, because Krishna is within, He is seeing that this boy is very eager. Guru-Krishna-krpäya päya bhakti-latä-bija [Cc. Madhya 19.151]. Krishna, as soon as He sees that you are serious, He will send you the help of a spiritual master. ———

Hari Bol

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