431) Whether I know what yoga system is! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

BG-C 04-V 09—-“Cheater Leaders”—–29-03-1974, Bombay

431) Whether I know what yoga system is! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

————————-Yoga indriya-samyamah. So a devotee of Krishna is the first-class yogi. That is accepted by Krishna.

yoginam api sarvesam mad-gatenantar-atmana
sraddhavan bhajate yo mam sa me yuktatamo matah [Bg. 6.47]

So this Krishna consciousness movement means to train people to become the topmost yogi. Topmost yogi. Because they have controlled their senses. No meat eating, no intoxication, not even smoking or drinking tea. This is yoga (indistinct). Not that simply by pressing nose one becomes yogi. Practical life. After performing yoga, “Oh, my tongue is now dry, give me one bidi. (indistinct) one bidi.” That is not yoga practice, smoking ganja, bidi, intoxication, tea, and he has become a yogi. These are useless, all bogus. Yoga means he has controlled his senses. Yoga indriya-samyamah. The yoga practice means controlling the senses and engaging the mind on the lotus feet of Krishna. That is yoga system. ——————–

Hari Bol

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