412) Whether I know what the real Knowledge is! Taught by Srila prabhupada!

BG-C 04-V 09—-“Cheater Leaders”—–29-03-1974, Bombay

412) Whether I know what the real Knowledge is! Taught by Srila prabhupada!

————————That is real knowledge. We should not be disturbed by the material problems. You cannot avoid them. So long… Just like if you are in the winter season, how you can avoid cold, infection by cold, or affection by cold? You cannot avoid. That does not mean, because it is the season is very cool and you cannot take bath. No. You must take bath. That is Aryan civilization. Still in India we’ll find in the villages severe cold. Still the people are taking bath early in the morning. They are accustomed. But now we are giving up. Now we are rising at seven o’clock because we are advanced in education. And if there is mangala-aratrika, it is nuisance. This is our advancement of civilization at the present moment. But if you go in the villages, you’ll find that the villagers rising early in the morning, they’re taking bath, changing cloth, and chanting Hare Krishna as far as possible. Still in the mass of people of India, the Krishna consciousness is still existing, it is not yet lost. ——–

Hari Bol.

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