GL-Transcendental television—- 18 Oct., 1968, Seatle.

GL-Transcendental television—- 18 Oct., 1968, Seatle.

384) Whether I know what material and spiritual lives are! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

—————————-Just like a boy who is accustomed to playing only, he cannot concentrate in his study, in understanding his future life, or in elevating himself, a higher position. Similarly, if we are engaged like child without knowing the future of life, simply playing with the senses, that is called material life. The difference between material life and spiritual life is that if somebody is simply engaged in sense gratification business, that is called material life. And out of many thousands of such materialistic persons, if somebody is trying to understand, “What I am? Why I have come here? Why I am put into so many miserable condition of life? Is there any remedy…?” these questions, when arises, then, practically, his spiritual life begins. And the human form of life is meant for that. In animal life they do not know anything except sense gratification. They have no power. Their consciousness is not developed. ————————-

Hari Bol

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