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GL-Transcendental television—- 18 Oct., 1968, Seatle.

381) Whether I know who the spiritual master is! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

——————– saintly persons and scriptures, two things, and with spiritual master, three, three parallel lines, who accept the sadhu and the scripture. Sadhu confirms the scriptures and spiritual master accept the scripture. Simple process. So they are not in disagreement. What is spoken in the scripture is accepted by saintly person, and what is spoken in the scripture, the spiritual master explains only that thing. That’s all. So via media is the scripture. Just like lawyer and the litigants-via media is the lawbook. Similarly, the spiritual master, the scripture… Saintly person means who confirms the Vedic injunction, who accepts. And scripture means what is accepted by the saintly person. And spiritual master means who follows the scriptures. So things equal to the same thing are equal to one another. This is axiomatic truth. If you have got one hundred dollars, and another man has got hundred dollar, and if I have got hundred dollar, then we are all equal. Similarly, sadhu sastra guru vakya, when these three parallel lines in agreement, then life is success. —————————–

Hari Bol

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