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Sannyäsa Initiation Lecture—Calcutta, January 26, 1973

374) Whether I know I have to follow Acarya! Taught by Srila Prabhupada!

———————————pürvatamair mahadbhih upäsitäm. These actions were executed by our previous äcäryas. Pürvatamair mahadbhih upäsitäm. Mahadbhih. Mahäjano yena gatah sa panthäh [Cc. Madhya 17.186]. You have to follow the äcärya. Äcärya upäsana. Aham… The, what will be the result? Now, aham tarisyämi. I shall cross over.… Tarisyämi. Duranta-päram. The extensive, unlimitedly extensive, the ocean of material existence. Aham tarisyämi duranta-päram tama. Tama means this material world, which is darkness. Because our business is to go out of this darkness to the light. Tamasi mä jyotir gama. We have to go to the light. So this is the process. Aham… And what is that process? Tama mukundänghri-nisevayaiva. Mukunda means Krishna, one who gives liberation. Hari. Hari means one who takes away all your sinful activities. Aham tväm sarva-päpebhyo moksayisyämi [Bg. 18.66]. He’s taking; therefore His name is Hari. Mukundänghri. Another name is Mukunda. Mukunda means… Muk means mukti, and änanda means bliss. Krishna gives you mukti, deliverance, deliverance from this tama, this material world, and gives you transcendental bliss; therefore His name is Mukunda. Mukundänghri: the lotus feet of Mukunda. Nisevayaiva. Simply by serving the lotus feet of Mukunda, I can do this. This is the sum and substance. —————-

Hari Bol

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