238) Whether I know how not to give up good things! Taught by Srila prabhupada!

SB- 1.2.9-10— Real Dharma—It’s Not Karma—Delhi, November 14, 1973

238) Whether I know how not to give up good things! Taught by Srila prabhupada!

——————– Simply take so much as you will need, not for sense gratification. That is the process.

Don’t take more, don’t take less. Yuktähära-vihärasya. Sästra does not advise you that you starve,

unnecessarily you starve. No. Krishna has condemned one who unnecessarily starves. You take foodstuffs.

But don’t take anything which is forbidden. Take krsna-prasädam. Patram puspam phalam toyam [Bg. 9.26].

Don’t try to satisfy your senses. The senses will be satisfied. There are so many varieties of food,

krsna-prasädam. That you will… These Europeans and Americans, they used to take meat. Now if you give

them, bribe that "You take again meat…" Because they have learned to cook so many nice foodstuffs.

Ask any one of them. Param drstvä. Param drstvä. When you get better thing, nivartate, then you give up

which is not very good.

So this bhakti-yoga, Krishna consciousness, is so nice that if you take it very seriously, if you enter into

the mystery of this bhakti-yoga... It is not all mystery, it is very open. Then naturally, param drstvä nivartate

[Bg. 9.59]. And that is required. Vairägya ————————-.

Hari Bol

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